Daniel K. Buntovnik’s latest work is a major investigative exposé of crypto-fascism, white supremacism, anti-psychiatry fanaticism, historical revisionism, and sexism and misogyny within the “new religious movement” known as modern Satanism and its foremost proponents inside The Satanic Temple.

Anatomy of a Crypto-Fascist Sect: The Unauthorized Guide to “The Satanic Temple” is available as a FREE e-book exclusively at danielkbuntovnik.wordpress.com. (Length: about 146,000 words).

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Anatomy of a Crypto-Fascist Sect: The Unauthorized Guide to “The Satanic Temple”

Table of Contents


1. Introduction

2. Emergence of “The Satanic Temple”

3. Leading Lights: Douglas Misicko and Cevin Soling, Co-Founders of “The Satanic Temple”

3.1 The Frontman: Douglas Misicko, better known as Lucien Greaves and Doug Mesner

3.1.1 Evidence of Possible Familial Ties to Nazi War Crimes

3.2 The Behind-the-Scenes Mastermind: Cevin Soling, also known as Malcolm Jarry

3.2.1 “The Satanic Temple” and “Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth” The “Shoe Repair” Connection: Xemu Records and Subtle Nods to “Underground Cult Movements”

3.2.2 The “War on Kids” Connection: “The Satanic Temple” and the Church of Scientology

4. Lingering Ambiguities About the Genuine Worldview of “The Satanic Temple”

4.1 How Not to Do Satire

4.1.1 Breakdown of Semiotic Fission: How “The Satanic Temple” Fails to Ironically Detach the “Satanic” Signifier from “Evil” Signified; or, A Case Study on Anti-Black Racial Prejudice and “The Satanic Temple”

4.2 What Are the Real Objectives of “The Satanic Temple”?

5. Esoteric Influence of “The Process” upon “The Satanic Temple”

5.1 The “Grey” Metaphor: From “Force” to “Faction”

5.1.1 Anti-Psychiatry Discourse

5.2 Political Implications of the “Grey” Metaphor: The Neo-Fascist Embrace of Satanism as Aestheticized “Rebellion”

6. “Moral Panic” in the 1980s and 1990s: A Critique of the Satanist Narrative

6.1 Echoes of McCarthyism: How Anti-Communist Scaremongering Gave Rise to the Satanist Narrative of “Moral Panic”

6.1.1 Facts Neglected in the Satanic Construction of “Moral Panic”: How Satanism Was Used as a Weapon of Psychological Warfare During the 1960s and 1970s

6.1.2 How Anti-Feminist Backlash Contributed to the Myth-Making of the So-Called “Satanic Panic”: The “Red Nurse” and “Nanny State” as Folk Devils

6.2 The Actual Moral Panic Behind the So-Called “Satanic Panic”: Exaggeration and the Weaponized Labelling of Historical Episodes as “Moral Panics”

6.2.1 Gaslighting and the Backlash to #MeToo: How the “Satanic Panic” Meme Aids in the Cover-Up of Sexist and Sexual Violence

6.3 Scientology’s Anti-Psychiatry Protocols: “Brain-Washing” and the Myth of the Judeo-Bolshevik “Psych”

6.3.1 Political Misdirection of “MK Ultra” Indignation in Alignment with CIA Interests: Scientology and Other Dubious “Critics” of Psychiatric Abuse

6.3.2 Cultural Gaslighting; or, “Falsified History Syndrome”

6.3.3 On the Psychological Projection of Antisemitism by Satanists

7. Reactionary Sexual Politics of “The Satanic Temple”

7.1 “Satanic” Statues and the Priapic Model of Masculinity: From Ancient Phallic Symbolism to Modern Fascist Rape Culture

7.2 Engagement of “The Satanic Temple” with the Theme (and in the Act) of “Ritualistic” Sexual Abuse: Vicarious Necrophilia as a Weapon of Psychological Warfare

7.3 Witchy Protests and Fake Feminists: The “Satanic Panic”-cum-“Burning Times” as Völkisch Myth and its Basis in Antiziganism

7.4 Pinkwashing: How “The Satanic Temple” Exploits LGBTQ+ Causes as a “Progressive” Fig Leaf

8. A “Literary” Satanism? Decrypting Proto-Fascist and Antisemitic Themes in The Revolt of the Angels by Anatole France

9. Conclusion



1.1 “Bizarre ‘Satanic Cult’ Accusations” Tweet

1.2 The Satanic Temple Logo

1.3 Church of Satan Logo

1.4 Pepe Silva Meme

1.5 Éliphas Lévi’s Drawing of “Baphomet”

1.6 The Satanic Temple’s “Baphomet” Statue

2.1 Billionaires for Bush Protest

2.2 Satanists for Rick Scott Rally

3.1 Andrej Miseczko/Andriy Mysechko 1951 Immigration Record

3.2 Nadia Myseczko/Mysechko 1950 Immigration Record

3.3 Douglas Misicko and Nadia Mysechko-Karkoc Facial Comparison

3.4 Cevin Soling and Malcolm Jarry

3.5 TOPY Shoe Repair Sign

3.6 Xemu Records Shoe Repair Office

3.7 Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth as Shoe Repair Practitioners

3.8 TOPY’s Inspiration: Zyklon B Canister

3.9 Instagram Posts with Sexual Theme

3.10 Instagram Posts with Morbid Theme

3.11 Occultist and Satanic Neo-Nazi Sigils

3.12 The Process References Vindex

3.13 TOPY Aeonics

3.14 The Process References Culling

3.15 Satanic and Scientologist Anti-Psychiatry Protests

4.1 Satanic Temple “High Priest” Makes Light of the Death of Trayvon Martin

4.2 Throbbing Gristle with Fascist Logo

4.3 Flag of the British Union of Fascists

4.4 Mob of All-White Satanists Invade Detroit for “Baphomet Unveiling”

4.5 Predominantly African-American Counter-Protesters Rally Against “Baphomet Unveiling”

4.6 Fascist Banner Draped From Stage at “Baphomet Unveiling”

4.7 Nazi Roots of the Fascist “Punk” Logo

4.8 Explicit Satanic Racism Against African Americans Who Protested “Baphomet Unveiling”

5.1 Grey Force’s Advocate: A Psychiatrist

5.2 Process Church “Extremist Groups” Advertisement

5.3 Process Website Swastika Logo

5.4 Douglas Misicko’s Swastika Tattoo on Display

5.5 The Process Swastika and the Nazi Swastika

5.6 Encryption of the Nazi Swastika within the Process Swastika

5.7 Charles Manson as Satanic Icon

5.8 Confederate Flag Emblazoned with Charles Manson’s Face on Display at Studio

5.9 The “Charles Manson Rebel Flag”

5.10 Genesis P-Orridge and the Charles Manson Personality Cult

5.11 “Siege Culture” Satanic Neo-Nazi Propaganda Image

5.12 Process Church Propaganda Image

6.1 Sunday World “Black Magic Fear” Front Page

6.2 Red Scare Propaganda Cartoon

6.3 Frequency of the Term “Moral panic” in 23 Wikipedia Entries

6.4 Amount of Emphasis Placed on the Labeling of Five Subject Areas as “Moral Panics”

6.5 COINTELPRO “Sigil Magick” Harassment Technique

6.6 White Supremacist Might is Right Art

6.7 Nazi SS Uniform Worn at Satanic Temple Black Mass

6.8 Assorted Photos Showing BDSM Theme at Satanic Temple Black Mass

6.9 Neo-Nazi Satanism Theme on Display at Satanic Temple Black Mass

6.10 Holocaust Imagery on Display at Satanic Temple Black Mass: Nazi-Imposed Yellow Star

6.11 Göring’s “Nine Commandments for the Workers’ Struggle”

7.1 John Cameron Denton, Satanist Neo-Nazi of “Atomwaffen Division”

7.2 The Satanic Temple’s “Baphomet” Statue

7.3 Staff of Hermes

7.4 2,300 Year Old Herm from Athens

7.5 Allegedly Satanic Modern Sculpture from Athens

7.6 Golden Dawn-Affiliated Naer Mataron Music Video with Satanic Imagery

7.7 Naer Mataron Sigil of Baphomet

7.8 Naer Mataron Promotional Material

7.9 Douglas Misicko Grave Desecration

7.10 Death in June Nazi Rainbow Merchandise