Contents of Part Four

Part Four: Instauration

Chapter XXXVII – Trans-Jugoslav Debauchery

Chapter XXXVIII – Pedrocco’s Dictatorship of the Proletariat

Chapter XXXIX – Follow the Black Dove

Chapter XL – Divine Intervention

Chapter XLI – The Last Blizzard of the Long Hot Winter

Chapter XLII – The Axis Trifecta Begins to Face Serious Setbacks

Chapter XLIII – The Socialist Rromani Republic of the Banat

Chapter XLIV – Further Developments in the Nascent Gyppo-Commie Republic

Chapter XLV – Disruptive Assault Research Projects Agency

Chapter XLVIBack to Africa

Chapter XLVII – The Pale Fox Strikes

Chapter XLVIII – Last Days of the Great and Powerful

Chapter XLIX – La Santa Muerte’s Final Knell