Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax – Chapter 23 – NOW AVAILABLE

Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax reaches its 23rd installment today: “The Cleansing”. In this chapter, General Johnson begins to solidify his power over America, but meanwhile, something uncanny begins to unfold as Agents Greaves and Pamela are held captive by the Radical Book Club. Enjoy!



Another day, another chapter of RAVING RADICALS BATHED IN BLAX freely distributed to the masses! Part II: “Taken to Another Level”, Chapter 22: “Escape” is now available for your reading pleasure!

“Escape” from what, you say?

You’ll just have to escape the hegemonic confines of capitalist realism and post-20th century bourgeois metanarratives of disillusionment with revolutionary politics and infeasibility of global working class-generated radical systemic change, and make a foray into the realm of 21st century proletarian phantasy, and find out!

Installment 20: “Radicals Regroup” – OUT NOW

Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax reaches its twentieth installment today. Get out your notebooks, because Wither slapte will be dropping some serious nuggets of Marxian wisdom as the raving radicals begin their May 1st occupation of the State Capitol Building, organizing a teach-in near the Capitol’s Rotunda. But don’t despair, action lovers. Things are sure to heat up when the National Guard crashes the party in a bid to put a stop to the blasted radical commie protest.

In the mean time, feel free to relish this clip exhibiting the exquisite fusion of electro milky way style dance and proletarian internationalism:

New chapter posted! (19/49)

Another RAVING RADICALS BATHED IN BLAX chapter has been posted, comrades. This chapter (19 – “The Big May Day March and Rally”) depicts the epic International Workers’ Day protest. Get ready for some intense clashes between crowd control forces and crowds, as the Radical Book Club and their allies attempt to storm the Minnesota State Capitol Building.

Installment 17 “Wither slapte’s Yom HaShoah” NOW RELEASED

If you haven’t already read chapters one through sixteen of Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax, you better get on that, because Chapter 17 – “Wither slapte’s Yom HaShoah” is now posted! The Radical Book Club remains on the loose as the H.I.A. attempts to track them down for breaching a domestic black site. International Workers’ Day fast approaches, but another holiday precedes it: International Holocaust Remembrance Day. This chapter includes a particular emphasis on the psychogenealogy of Wither slapte, the Radical Book Club’s leading theoretician.

OUT NOW: “Marita’s Book Club Army Fraction” (Chapter 16)

Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax is now up to its 16th installment. This chapter focuses on Marita Bastesen, a character introduced in Chapter 5. She is a member of Socialist Alliance, the Marxian activist group wherein the Radical Book Club constitutes an ultra-leftist fraction. This is a semi-standalone chapter, diverging a bit from the progression of events hereto. As always, I invite you to relish this installment with the utmost level of relish.

Installment 15 = NOW AVAILABLE

May your lecture pleasure know no bounds, dear readers! The 15th chapter of Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax – “Revolutionary Cultural Renaissance in Santiago’s Garage” is now up–available just for you! Expect more Santa Muerte worship, but not just.

OUT NOW !! “Crackdown” (14th installment in RAVING RADICALS BATHED IN BLAX)

Yo to all my illustrious readers. After another extended hiatus, which you must once again forgive me for failing to announce ahead of time, installment 14 of Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax is now available for your lecture pleasure.

This installment is titled “CRACKDOWN” and follows the Radical Book Club’s daring direct action and the jailbreak of Tisha and five other detainees. In this chapter we’ll get to know the law enforcement types a bit better.

Installments should now be posted on the regular interval (1 per 1-3 days), until the first half of August, when you can expect another pause. Then I foresee clear sailing until the epic finale.