Chapter 5 is posted

You can now read everything in RAVING RADICALS BATHED IN BLAX up to Part 1, Ch. 5 – “WEEKLY BRANCH MEETING”.

This chapter portrays the meeting of a Trotskyist activist group shortly before International Workers’ Day, sometime in the early 21st century. In this chapter, we meet a number of important new characters, including the activist comrades of Tisha, Paty, Witherslapt, Pedrocco, Franky, and Izzy.

Hyperlinks and manuscript amendment

I have decided to start adding in some hyperlinks into the text to make it more interactive and provide the reader with further reading material. For example, when Society of the Spectacle and Badiou’s “Fifteen Theses on Contemporary Art” are mentioned, you will be able to click on links to read those texts on other parts of the web.

==> Does this seem like a good idea, or is the orange text too distracting?

I have also edited a piece of dialogue to correct an error that I have only just now realized. In Chapter 1, Witherslapt claims that the specter of the aristocratic-proletarian ethic is raised in Badiou’s 12th thesis on contemporary art, while in reality, this specter is raised in Badiou’s 11th thesis. Witherslapt is not one to be mistaken on this subject matter, and as such, the manuscript has been amended to reflect this.

New chapter, “NEWSMAKERS” – now AVAILABLE

You can now read Part 1, Chapter 4: “Newsmakers” from Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax. 

In this chapter, we are presented with a newspaper article from the fictional Twin Cities newspaper, the Sun Tribune. Witherslapt and Izzy have just purchased the paper, surprised to find out that a large number of persons died when the rave they were at the previous night was busted.

In doing a little research for this chapter’s subject matter, I came across this very surreal video of militarized police in Utah busting a rave party (which apparently even did have a permit) in 2005, just 2 years after the invasion of Iraq. How quickly the chickens come home to roost!

An article about that incident: Police bust Utah rave, arrest 60, assault others

Third installment: now AVAILABLE to be read

Greetings to all,

You can now read the third chapter of “Part One: A Book Club Gone Awry” from Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax. This chapter is called “Post-Rave kind of Mourning” and it stars Paty, Witherslapt and Izzy (one half of the book club–but not yet the Radical Book Club). Enjoy!