Five more chapters posted; Full “Instauration” is nigh

Yo, whaddup, all my RAVING RADICALS BATHED IN BLAX readers? Perhaps you’ve noticed; FIVE MORE CHAPTERS of everybody’s favorite 21st century proletarian novel have been made available over the last week or so. Keep counting down and ticking off those boxes on your RAVING RADICALS countdown sheet that you should already have put on your refrigerator; just FOUR MORE chapters to go.

In Chapter 41 “The Last Blizzard of the Long Hot Winter”, we delve further into the delightfully twisted world of Pedrocco’s Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Here the Army for Radicalism and Liberation must face down a new counterrevolutionary threat: the Young Patriots for a Stable Transition, a right-wing populist libertarian/anarcho-capitalist entity made up of trilby-sporting men’s rights activists.

In Chapter 42 “The Axis Trifecta Begins to Face Serious Setbacks”, we witness the deteriorating situation in Europe. Heinrich, La Plume, and Kiss are set on pacifying the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain), but weariness is setting in: America has fallen to the Marxians, and a Eurasian military alliance rumbles in the distance. Meanwhile, the Radical Book Club and their Cholo and Gypsy comrades conduct a focoistic armed struggle against the far right Habstalgic Hungarian ethnic separatists and state forces in the Banat.

In Chapter 43 “The Socialist Rromani Republic of the Banat”, readers will relish the establishment of a new workers’ state in Eastern Europe, led by O Gachupin, Zăbar, the Radical Book Club, and their Santa Muerte-worshipping cohorts.

In Chapter 44 “Further Developments in the Nascent Gyppo-Commie Republic”, we meet Balint, head of the new Gypsy spy agency who is hellbent on establishing diplomatic links with other emerging revolutionary left-wing-led governments: the Autonomous Peoples’ Commune of Mēxihco Tenōchtitlan, the Paris Commune, the Uhuru Union, the Caliphate of al-Kidissa al-Myetta, and the Radicalized and Liberated USA. Could the SRRB’s embassies in these far off lands serve as key infiltration points for the diffusion of proletarian empowerment?

In Chapter 45 “Disruptive Assault Research Projects Agency”, we learn that, sadly for our beloved radicals, all hope is not lost for the counterrevolutionary forces. Colonel Mitchel Aquilo has managed to escape to Alaska, leaving the contiguous United States just as it falls beneath the Marxian jackboot of Pedrocco, the Army for Radicalism and Liberation, and the violent Radical Book Club Disciples street gang. There a group of wealthy French and Walloon financiers, working in conjunction with a group of mad scientists belonging to an endogamous community descended from Nazi war criminals, have — under the guise of HVAARP, the High Velocity Active Astral Research Program — developed a heinous new weapons system, so powerful it could put a stop to this radical Santa Muerte shit once and for all.

New chapterz posted!!!!!!

Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax is beginning to reach its terminal phase, comrades!

Now available are chapters 39 and 40, “Follow the Black Dove” and “Divine Intervention”.

This is it, folks, it’s the final countdown: only NINE CHAPTERS now remain until the end of Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax. GET PUMPED UP WITH ANTICIPATION BECAUSE THAT MEANS YOU’LL SOON BE ABLE TO READ ALL OF RAVING RADICALS BATHED IN BLAX. Tape a piece of paper to your fridge and make 9 circles on it, and then cross them off as each chapter appears, because that will help you bask in your anticipation and savor each one. Then when you have crossed out all the circles, you’ll be able to look back in amazement and recall how excited you were to read each chapter.

In Ch. 39 “Follow the Black Dove”, our beloved radical gang of left-wing extremists finally reach Paloma’s Rromani family, camped out in Timișoara. There they meet Paloma’s cousin Zăbar, as well as the elders Elena, O Yanko, O Gachupin, and Silaki. And they encounter for the first time the right-wing nationalist ethnic separatists of the Jobbik.

In Ch. 40 “Divine Intervention”, the bizarre love triangle between Wither slapte, Paloma, and Gabor comes to a head and O Gachupin demands their separation. But O Gachupin can’t control the realm of phantasy…

RRBB: 38 chapters now available!

Yo, Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax readers! Maybe you didn’t notice it yet, but Part Four: “Instauration” has commenced! “Instauration” begins with Chapter 37 “Trans-Jugoslav Debauchery”. In this chapter, the Radical Book Club and their cohorts make their way to Europe in a bid to proselytize the Santa Muerte in the Balkans. Here an overview of the political situation in Europe is laid out, though further details will, naturally, come out in ensuing installments. In Sarajevo, the radicals learn via newspaper of an astonishing new development in America. This is followed by Chapter 38 “Pedrocco’s Dictatorship of the Proletariat”, which takes us back across the pond where Pedrocco has remained and united the anti-General Johnson forces into a potent new fighting force dubbed the “Army for Radicalism and Liberation”. As always, I encourage readers of Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax to relish these delectable chapters with obscene levels of jouissance and spread word unto their entourages of the fast approaching RRBB finale.

Red Love, by Alexandra Kollontai

Bonus pop quiz question. The working title of RAVING RADICALS BATHED IN BLAX was…
A. Red Ravers
B. Red Twilight
C. The Santa Muerte and the Red and Black Wax
D. Peppered with Indiscriminate Red Small Arms Fire

Vulpes Libris

There are so many myths and half-truths surrounding the name of Alexandra Kollontai that, rather than write a plain old biographical sketch, I’m going to give you a quiz instead. The first commenter to get all the answers right gets a special place in the VL Hall of Fame, which is surely worth more than any mere material reward. So, true or false?

1. In 1898, at age 26, Kollontai left her husband and child in St. Petersburg to study Economics in Switzerland.

2. Kollontai was a member of the Bolshevik faction of the RSDRP (Russian Social Democratic Workers’ Party).

3. Kollontai was a member of the Menshevik faction of the RSDRP.

4. Kollontai advocated casual sexual encounters and said that sex should be as easy as “drinking a glass of water”.

5. After the 1917 Revolution, Kollontai was instrumental in the legalisation of abortion and homosexuality, the creation of…

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“Obscurantism and Liberation” draws to its climactic finish

Greetings socialist, communist, and left-liberal-progressive sistren, gender bendren, and brethren;

As you may well already be aware, the 21st century proletarian novel Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax contains four parts. With the recent posting of Chapter 36 “The Resistance Solidifies its Gains”, the third of those parts (“Obscurantism and Liberation”) is now available in full.

In “The Resistance Solidifies its Gains” we see the culmination of Part Three’s dual emphasis on both obscurantism and liberation. You’ll get a fresh look into the life of Officer Peabody, the cop who was granted paid leave after sustaining a serious knee injury in the line of duty in Part Two, and you’ll be introduced to an anarcho-primitivist group known as the neo-Neanderthals, whose mysterious leader’s intentions may be more sinister than meets the eye. But wait, there’s more: Pedrocco and the RBC Disciples street gang will be in on the action as well.

Enjoy, and prepare for Installment 37 . . . coming soon!

Now available for your reading pleasure: Chapters 34 & 35

Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax continues to break new ground, grappling with complex geopolitical issues and perpetually revelling in the subversion of the right-wing dominated political thriller genre.

In Chapter 34 “Nuclear Holocaust”, we witness what happens when the draconian and militaristic Johnson administration stoops to hyper-destructive methods in a desperate bid to maintain its grasp on power, enlisting the aid of Chancellor Ursala Heinrich.

In Chapter 35 “Pedrocco Returns”, one of the Radical Book Club’s most charismatic (and rash) members, fully recuperates from serious injuries sustained in his fight against neoliberal comprador corruption, defying ableism and meeting in the borderlands with a mysterious new force involved in what is now quite openly a second American civil war: the Radical Book Club Disciples, a left-wing vigilante street gang inspired by the rough and tumble prone ways of the ultra-left sect.