More substantial blog posts will be archived here for ease of access.


“On Trump’s dog whistling to neo-Nazis” (17 August 2017) – This essay works at unpacking the implications of ongoing political developments with regard to the fight against the white supremacist movement in the U.S., arguing that any response to the white American nationalism of the neo-Nazi with “plain old” American nationalism is inadequate. I advance the notion that right-wing nationalism cannot be stopped without applying an alter-globalist mentality and trans-/multi-/inter-national approaches. (5,672 words)

“Transmodernity is Burning” (13 February 2017) – A Schizoanalysis of Transracialism and Transgenderism in Paris is Burning (1990). This text is a documentary film review infused with reflections on contemporary race and sex politics, investigating the controversial notion of what it means to be “transrace”, taking as starting point the sensationalized Rachel Dolezal affair. In this comparative and intersectional retrospective analysis of transracialism and transgenderism, transrace and transgender affinities and solidarity are explored. The text also focuses on the sexual break down of white bourgeois supremacist ideologies, shedding light on the roots of white supremacist sexuality in the Ancient Greek male supremacist notion of “Celestial Love”. (7,311 words)

“What is Net-Centric Warfare?” (06 November 2016) – On dilemmas facing opponents of war and imperialism in the 2016 U.S. presidential race, the future of war-profiteering, eumemicist racism, the “alt-right” rehashing of neo-Nazi occultism, and Net-Centric Warfare as black magic. (16,438 words)

“Together with Russia?” (17 July 2016) – A Critique of the Pro-Sino-Russian ‘Anti-imperialism’ Trend in the USA and Western Europe, or Part I of a response to ‘Position paper from Red Guards Austin, 2016’. (10,124 words)

“Sanders is a fraud and not real socialism” (20 April 2016) – An open letter to socialists in the USA and anyone else who might be “feeling the Bern”. (3,414 words)

‘Dirty War’ Revelations Could Impact Race for the White House” (26 March 2016) – Analysis of how U.S. president Barack Obama’s promise to disclose military and intelligence secrets related to U.S. support for crimes against humanity committed by the Argentine military junta between 1976 and 1983 could impact campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who have both accepted high profile endorsements from figures implicated in genocide. (2,556 words)

“On ‘Maoist Rebel News’ and the Folly of Ultraleftism-Third Worldism” (19 December 2015) – My debunking of a bogus ideology belonging to First World pseudo-revolutionaries. (11,107 words)

“In response to Jason Unruhe’s knee-jerk reaction to my criticism of ‘Third Worldism'” (19.12.2015)

“In response to Jason Unruhe’s second attempt at a rebuttal of my critique” (20.12.2015)

“More ‘Maoist Rebel News’ Hypocrisy (12.01.2016)

“Remembering Sun Ra: (Not a Jazz ‘Man’, but an Antiwar Hero)” (29 November 2015) – A look at the life of the African-American musician Le Sony’r Ra (1914-1993), better known by his stage name, Sun Ra, and the opposition to war he exhibited throughout his life, through the contextual prism of current events. (4,086 words)

“Cinema and Slavery in Romania” (30 August 2015) – In-depth review of the 2015 film Aferim! (3,201 words)

“European Pop Act First of its Kind to Perform in Pyongyang” (19 August 2015) – A closer examination of the band Laibach, associated cultural trends, and their decision to go on tour in North Korea. (2,613 words)