Welcome, intrepid internaut! You seem to have navigated yourself to the website of emerging techno rebel entity Daniel K. Buntovnik. Give yourself a pat on the back and don’t be ashamed to feel an immense sense of self-satisfaction, because this delightful encounter is no small feat, impossible if not for the avant-garde initiative taken on your end. You have daringly wielded a doubled-edged sword called Modernity, which though it makes possible this encounter, at the same time machinates against the dissemination of the contents herein.

Daniel K. Buntovnik was baptized in Brooklyn and is living now in self-imposed exile in Eastern Europe, whence departed for debarkation in Baltimore a diasporic fragment of his Rromani (‘Gypsy’) forebears nine-odd decades before the year of his birth. Some time ago, Daniel K. Buntovnik began to experiment with writing down and, later, typing up stories which break down the false binary between art and politics, something which he still sees as a necessary and vital but generally neglected task, particularly in the realm of 21st century literary and genre fiction.

His first novel is a satirical geopolitical agitprop thriller called Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax. It was published in 49 installments throughout the summer and into the autumn of 2015, and is accessible free of charge exclusively on this website. You can read more about this revolutionary project and find a table of contents here (or through the navigation scheme at the top of the page).

Check out my blog for updates and the occasional post on a ‘random’ topic. I have published some essays there which are generally focalized on the confluence of art, culture, and politics.

* * *

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