2 Short Stories Published: “Meatpacker Jack” and “The Coma-Contra Affair”

Yo, er’rybody . Perhaps you haven’t yet noticed, but the first quarter of 2016 has seen the release of two brand new pomo prole short stories: “Meatpacker Jack” and “The Coma-Contra Affair”.

Let’s start with the more recently published story:


Meatpacker Jack tells the story of, you guessed it, a meatpacker. Jack McGillicuddy is one of the last English-speaking workers at Quality Ham Handlers, one of the largest U.S. pork producers, who sparks the plant’s predominantly Latino workforce, which live in constant fear of workplace raids by ICE, to take strike action after their boss, Mr. Kroemblin, tries to force him to take a urine drug screen test. This story highlights the intersection between calls to legalize both immigrants and cannabis and reinforces the need to see seemingly disparate struggles as intertwined.

The other recently published short story is The Coma-Contra Affair“. This work, which blends alternative history and revenge fantasy genres, is about a Sandinista activist named Biorgina Guerri who goes into a coma after being targeted by a  Ronald Reagan-backed death squad in the year 1986 and wakes up in 2016 to find that Central America has united into a socialist federation, but the man who is responsible for putting her into a coma has been granted asylum in the United States, which is now an openly white supremacist state surrounded by towering anti-immigrant walls.

I invite you to read these short stories and thus hasten the coming social attitude readjustment that we all know is on the horizon.


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