More “Maoist Rebel News” Hypocrisy

Jason Unruhe is at it again.

After failing to address the criticisms of Maoism-Third Worldism which I outlined late last month and then ignoring my responses to both of his attempts (1, 2) at rebutting my arguments, Jason Unruhe has published an essay called “The Undrinkable Well of Marxist Discourse“. Unruhe accuses left-wingers (like myself and ostensibly him) of not engaging in constructive dialogues with one another, but relying instead on “meme culture”, personal attacks, and general shallowness. Ironically, many of the things he accuses others of doing are the exact things he did to me in my attempt to engage him.

What we have here is the pot calling the kettle black.

Jason Unruhe still hasn’t addressed the main points from my critique of his and the LLCO’s ideology (“On Maoist Rebel News and the Folly of Third Worldism“), which he derided just a few weeks ago as “an overly long blog post”. Now he complains about one-liners. Well, which is it; does he want depth or superficiality?

It seems to be the latter. He is the one who took to Twitter to insinuate that I “contribute nothing“, despite him knowing virtually nothing of my life. Other than the fact that I’ve published some things on the web, same as him, he has no real basis to evaluate my personal-political engagements. Then Unruhe sat back while an anonymous LLCO supporter/member (the great Commander himself?) tried to bully me into censoring myself and finally resorted to using straight up hate speech on my blog, using an ableist slur to suggest that I’m mentally or physically handicapped instead of addressing my ideas.

His dig that I “contribute nothing” is particularly rich, considering his admission in his recent “Maoist Rebel News” Youtube video “CNN Announces Conservative YouTuber Supports Bernie Sanders” that he considers himself to be “just [a person] on Youtube” and that “in the greater scheme of the entire world, [he doesn’t] matter.” He shows himself as even more of a hypocrite in his personal attacks on the young Youtuber CJ Pearson. In that video he actually made fun of a 13 year old for having an “underdeveloped sex life” and dismissed his arguments on the basis of him being adolescent. That’s just ageism, pure and simple, and it highlights Unruhe’s own immaturity.

Maybe it’s too much to ask, but I am still waiting for Unruhe to address my ideas.


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