Five more chapters posted; Full “Instauration” is nigh

Yo, whaddup, all my RAVING RADICALS BATHED IN BLAX readers? Perhaps you’ve noticed; FIVE MORE CHAPTERS of everybody’s favorite 21st century proletarian novel have been made available over the last week or so. Keep counting down and ticking off those boxes on your RAVING RADICALS countdown sheet that you should already have put on your refrigerator; just FOUR MORE chapters to go.

In Chapter 41 “The Last Blizzard of the Long Hot Winter”, we delve further into the delightfully twisted world of Pedrocco’s Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Here the Army for Radicalism and Liberation must face down a new counterrevolutionary threat: the Young Patriots for a Stable Transition, a right-wing populist libertarian/anarcho-capitalist entity made up of trilby-sporting men’s rights activists.

In Chapter 42 “The Axis Trifecta Begins to Face Serious Setbacks”, we witness the deteriorating situation in Europe. Heinrich, La Plume, and Kiss are set on pacifying the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain), but weariness is setting in: America has fallen to the Marxians, and a Eurasian military alliance rumbles in the distance. Meanwhile, the Radical Book Club and their Cholo and Gypsy comrades conduct a focoistic armed struggle against the far right Habstalgic Hungarian ethnic separatists and state forces in the Banat.

In Chapter 43 “The Socialist Rromani Republic of the Banat”, readers will relish the establishment of a new workers’ state in Eastern Europe, led by O Gachupin, Zăbar, the Radical Book Club, and their Santa Muerte-worshipping cohorts.

In Chapter 44 “Further Developments in the Nascent Gyppo-Commie Republic”, we meet Balint, head of the new Gypsy spy agency who is hellbent on establishing diplomatic links with other emerging revolutionary left-wing-led governments: the Autonomous Peoples’ Commune of Mēxihco Tenōchtitlan, the Paris Commune, the Uhuru Union, the Caliphate of al-Kidissa al-Myetta, and the Radicalized and Liberated USA. Could the SRRB’s embassies in these far off lands serve as key infiltration points for the diffusion of proletarian empowerment?

In Chapter 45 “Disruptive Assault Research Projects Agency”, we learn that, sadly for our beloved radicals, all hope is not lost for the counterrevolutionary forces. Colonel Mitchel Aquilo has managed to escape to Alaska, leaving the contiguous United States just as it falls beneath the Marxian jackboot of Pedrocco, the Army for Radicalism and Liberation, and the violent Radical Book Club Disciples street gang. There a group of wealthy French and Walloon financiers, working in conjunction with a group of mad scientists belonging to an endogamous community descended from Nazi war criminals, have — under the guise of HVAARP, the High Velocity Active Astral Research Program — developed a heinous new weapons system, so powerful it could put a stop to this radical Santa Muerte shit once and for all.


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