New chapterz posted!!!!!!

Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax is beginning to reach its terminal phase, comrades!

Now available are chapters 39 and 40, “Follow the Black Dove” and “Divine Intervention”.

This is it, folks, it’s the final countdown: only NINE CHAPTERS now remain until the end of Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax. GET PUMPED UP WITH ANTICIPATION BECAUSE THAT MEANS YOU’LL SOON BE ABLE TO READ ALL OF RAVING RADICALS BATHED IN BLAX. Tape a piece of paper to your fridge and make 9 circles on it, and then cross them off as each chapter appears, because that will help you bask in your anticipation and savor each one. Then when you have crossed out all the circles, you’ll be able to look back in amazement and recall how excited you were to read each chapter.

In Ch. 39 “Follow the Black Dove”, our beloved radical gang of left-wing extremists finally reach Paloma’s Rromani family, camped out in Timișoara. There they meet Paloma’s cousin Zăbar, as well as the elders Elena, O Yanko, O Gachupin, and Silaki. And they encounter for the first time the right-wing nationalist ethnic separatists of the Jobbik.

In Ch. 40 “Divine Intervention”, the bizarre love triangle between Wither slapte, Paloma, and Gabor comes to a head and O Gachupin demands their separation. But O Gachupin can’t control the realm of phantasy…


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