RRBB: 38 chapters now available!

Yo, Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax readers! Maybe you didn’t notice it yet, but Part Four: “Instauration” has commenced! “Instauration” begins with Chapter 37 “Trans-Jugoslav Debauchery”. In this chapter, the Radical Book Club and their cohorts make their way to Europe in a bid to proselytize the Santa Muerte in the Balkans. Here an overview of the political situation in Europe is laid out, though further details will, naturally, come out in ensuing installments. In Sarajevo, the radicals learn via newspaper of an astonishing new development in America. This is followed by Chapter 38 “Pedrocco’s Dictatorship of the Proletariat”, which takes us back across the pond where Pedrocco has remained and united the anti-General Johnson forces into a potent new fighting force dubbed the “Army for Radicalism and Liberation”. As always, I encourage readers of Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax to relish these delectable chapters with obscene levels of jouissance and spread word unto their entourages of the fast approaching RRBB finale.


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