“Obscurantism and Liberation” draws to its climactic finish

Greetings socialist, communist, and left-liberal-progressive sistren, gender bendren, and brethren;

As you may well already be aware, the 21st century proletarian novel Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax contains four parts. With the recent posting of Chapter 36 “The Resistance Solidifies its Gains”, the third of those parts (“Obscurantism and Liberation”) is now available in full.

In “The Resistance Solidifies its Gains” we see the culmination of Part Three’s dual emphasis on both obscurantism and liberation. You’ll get a fresh look into the life of Officer Peabody, the cop who was granted paid leave after sustaining a serious knee injury in the line of duty in Part Two, and you’ll be introduced to an anarcho-primitivist group known as the neo-Neanderthals, whose mysterious leader’s intentions may be more sinister than meets the eye. But wait, there’s more: Pedrocco and the RBC Disciples street gang will be in on the action as well.

Enjoy, and prepare for Installment 37 . . . coming soon!


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