Now available for your reading pleasure: Chapters 34 & 35

Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax continues to break new ground, grappling with complex geopolitical issues and perpetually revelling in the subversion of the right-wing dominated political thriller genre.

In Chapter 34 “Nuclear Holocaust”, we witness what happens when the draconian and militaristic Johnson administration stoops to hyper-destructive methods in a desperate bid to maintain its grasp on power, enlisting the aid of Chancellor Ursala Heinrich.

In Chapter 35 “Pedrocco Returns”, one of the Radical Book Club’s most charismatic (and rash) members, fully recuperates from serious injuries sustained in his fight against neoliberal comprador corruption, defying ableism and meeting in the borderlands with a mysterious new force involved in what is now quite openly a second American civil war: the Radical Book Club Disciples, a left-wing vigilante street gang inspired by the rough and tumble prone ways of the ultra-left sect.


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