“Raving Radicals” pushes onward!

Greetings, readers of Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax. Rejoice, for two more installments to “Part Three: Obscurantism and Liberation” have recently been made available for your reading enjoyment and pleasure.

Expect the unexpected in Chapter 32 “Unexpected Betrayal”. Could someone really have the audacity to commit treason against the ever virtuous Radical Book Club and their Santa Muerte worshipping cohorts . . . or might this betrayal refer to someone within the Johnson regime’s Inner Cirle of H.I.A. agents? Read and find out!

In Chapter 33 we reach the long awaited “Assault on the School of the Americas”. You’ll also get to spend some more time with the militarist dictator you love to hate: the one, the only, General Johnson.


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