rrbb: 28 chapters now available

Greetings, illustrious readers of RAVING RADICALS BATHED IN BLAX. If you didn’t notice, Chapters 27 and 28 were posted over the last two days!

In Chapter 27 “Revolucionarios in Exile”, the Radical Book Club and their off the wall allies enter Mexico and prepare an epic assault on the estate of a right-wing drug trafficker.

In Chapter 28 “Federal Crust-Punk District”, the deranged members of the radical communist gang continue their journey, reaching Mexico City only to find that an people’s uprising has occurred and DF is now the Autonomous People’s Commune of Mēxihco Tenōchtitlan. There they make new friends, and might get more than they bargained for when they stumble across a gnarly hardcore punk moshpit.



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