First installment of „Raving Radicals” is up

So, I just posted the first chapter (Blazin’) from “Part One: A Book Club Gone Awry” of Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax!

It feels . . . good to finally start getting my story out there.

This is a proletarian satirical geo-ethno-political thriller for the masses, the hipster youth and leftish leaning masses. But does such a market exist? Well, yes and no. I’m more concerned with demographics than marketability right now. Raving Radicals was written to entertain, inspire, perhaps even educate, not to make a profit. But pobre de mi patron, piensa que el pobre soy yo. I really believe that  Raving Radicals does something that few other books are doing right now, and it’s something very necessary. Don’t let this rambling post discourage you though; just read the chapter!

Let me know if you have any trouble navigating the site, or you can just follow this here link.


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